There are 8 species of ΞTHΞR FRΞAKΞRS, born in a special ERC721 Ethereum contract. 🐙

Every FRΞAKΞR has a unique avatar depicting its abilities in the game. ❄

The git commit hash of a server capable of drawing the original art algorithm is embedded in the contract on mainnet. 🔒

Every FRΞAKΞR has an innate value, depending on its fortune attribute and activity in the game. ☘️

The controller of a FRΞAKΞR is entitled to receive its share of total energy dissipation. 💰

CRΞATOR tokens receive a greater share and are permanently enlightened. 🧘‍♀️

A FRΞAKΞR can capture other freakers. The likelihood of landing an attack depends on the relative agility of the two freakers. 🥷

The outcome of the battle depends on the attacker’s total offensive power, and the defender’s total defensive power. ⚔️🛡

An account which controls one of each species of FRΞAKΞR enlightens all of them, meaning they cannot attack nor be attacked. 🧘🏿‍♂️

Battling and moving freakers dissipates energy into the FRΞAKΞR energy pool. ⚡️

The stamina attribute determines how much energy a FRΞAKΞR disperses. 🌬

A FRΞAKΞR may be charged or discharged at will, though discharging makes it more vulnerable. ☢️


JARED FLATOW / @jmflatow


ALINA LOSEVA / @alina_loseva

STEPHEN MORSE / @morsels

ELLEN FAN / @elmoellen
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